Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Can You Guess the Horror Movie From Its Mangled Plot?

I wanted to play a li'l translation game with you guys, since I haven't in awhile and I figured since October was here, this was a good opportunity to test your knowledge on some horror movies.

Can YOU identify all the horror movie plot summaries that have been translated to death? It's a mix of old and new, and even a few I haven't seen but know what they're about. Some of these remained pretty obvious, while others are... not so easy. Leave your answers in the comments!

1. $ 40,000 from her and her live in Phoenix close the administrator of his mother, a secretary, a young man in bed for research and development.

2. Commercial ship Nostromo receive a call from the unexplored world. After the escape, a back seat in the house only to see that the work BIOFORM join them.

3. From the past to the future and about the spiritual son of the evil forebodings, when the evil and the spiritual, the power of this different hotel to the cold head of the family.

4. Sitting in Antarctica-change pin to see the shape of a human face.

5. Women have the opportunity to change, and he sought the help of two priests to save her daughter.

6. A group of people hide from bloodthirsty monsters on the field businesses.

7. Part of the exhumed bodies of scholars prepared a concern.

8. The second child moves into a new house, just around the city and special events. Women mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over security unborn child begins controlling her life.

9. The opportunity to shoot a movie of the summer island and takes a shine to female surgery and the stars of the big gorilla.

10. Psikozaj murder to the first boy that killed his sister, from his docs from the Seventies and a bookish girl street a young man and his friends.

11. Monsters, while only survivor onslaught of the home of a group of strangers.

12. Many of the small town and country and represent an alien duplicates the effect on learning.

13. A sudden increase in the number of birds and all of the great development in San Francisco and started killing people there and Vicio increases slowly because their boyfriend to a small Northern Californiacity ​​authorities.

14. Changes to the animalistic Mr. Hyde of the dark and wild side a potion that, when Dr Jekyll face unpleasant consequences.

15. And a dead lies between them, the two men "mystery" is the name of the cave memory and a serial killer on the essay. They are seeking to do the surgery in a game set in a Variety of men will follow the laws and regulations.

16. The ancient Vampire de Jumpsuit arrives in England and begins to prey on young Chinese Mina.

17. UK across the bright, infectious disease to four weeks later, a few of the survivors try to find sanctuary.

18. One man against the armies of the dead, they will return to the Necronomicon in 1300 AD, and transfer.

19. The journey of the operation of a U.S. diplomat. It is true that the child is the Antichrist? Devil himself?

20. Five of their friends, and they know how to leave the meat monsters in the forest, and the city and walking.

21. The desire of the victims, a child murderer killed the street Lynch mob.

22. Visit the Tomb of the liquor-friendly long-chainsaw wielding cannibals and disease and terrorized his family.

23. The family of the host haunted by ghosts.

24. Young girl abused and m 17 years has telekinesis and space effort to push the boundary of the school prom night.

25. They were two elderly women, one that will bring out a little over time to apologize for the death of a husband and wife in Venice.

26. A young journalist in the week came the death of the other, which will examine the videotape operation.

27. Zombie lives reincarnation is a beautiful woman of the street.

28. After moving to New town, two brothers are convinced that the area is frequented by Vampires.

29. A masked starts killing teenagers and towns, and the number rises to themselves in real life, a girl and her friends for a concert "law".

30. Owner of a wax museum with a friend, but a vengeful killer and escape.

31. They agreed to return more room in the woods for a break of five friends. Together, they must discover the truth behind the house in the woods.

32. The harmful florist who needed food and aid of a high-cost plants are able to succeed in romance.

33. Joanna Eberhart and his family to Stepford, Connecticut, Quaint town, but it is not really a bad attitude-based search for the perfect life.

34. After moving into a suburban home, a couple who become increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.

35. Our students learn in the film, leaving a city report, Blair witch, a film about the Maryland woods while touring.

36. They know that the dead are connected to the spirit of seeking the help of a young and sad.

37. The F.B.I. New battle a serial killer Skins exploited to the operation and devising evil murderers in prison would be.

38. One man, and win back his former girlfriend, let her relationship with her ​​mother, and the people are dealing with the total of the dead to life and shows that his death and decide.

39. Two American college students on a walking trip of Great Britain, it is not to be a werewolf army.

40. The famous author of a car crash or support any- "or".

41. Breaking the 3 important rules about her new pet, the men of the horde and monsters and towns malevolently broken request.

42. In a recently deceased ghosts pathological attachment to the house to remove a new "bio-Exorcist" of the program.

43. A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to be the leader of side-show performers, but his flow of friends and find that it is the only husband and wife are sleeping.

44. Brother, commands the composer looking for a new love and an opera singer.

45. M St. Bernard "Cujo" contracts rabies name for the rule of terror on a small American town.

46. Paranormal researchers and scholars and women are called to haunted Mansion. Immediately began to lose his mind.

47. A great white shark begins a relationship is critical that the small island nation, set out for the chief of police, a research and grizzled fisherman let out.

48. Since there are m dead, two Philadelphia swat one, a message of the great plagues, and television-head with a friend looking for a refuge various market places.

49. The people and the police cadet leaders, and not the Scottish island country in search of a missing girl. Visitors to the pagan religion.

50. A surprise storm Angeles-water swamps of shark scare people as a whole, the death, and, sea, air and land outside.


  1. Not sure this got through last time. If so, don't bother putting it up.

    2. Alien
    3. The Shining
    4. The Thing
    5. The Exorcist
    9. King Kong
    12. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    13. The Birds
    14. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
    16. Bram Stoker's Dracula (LOL @ de Jumpsuit
    17. 28 Days Later
    18. Army of Darkness
    19. Rosemary's Baby
    24. Carrie
    26. The Ring
    30. Waxwork
    31. Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn
    32. Little Shop of Horrors
    33. The Stepford Wives
    35. The Blair Witch Project
    36. The Sixth Sense
    37. The Silence of the Lambs
    41. Gremlins
    42. Beetlejuice
    45. Cujo
    46. House on the Haunted Hill
    47. Jaws
    49. The Wicker Man
    50. SHARKNADO!

  2. 1. Psycho
    2. Alien
    3. The Shining
    4. The Thing
    5. The Exorcist
    6. Night of the Living Dead
    8. Rosemary’s Baby
    9. King Kong
    10. Halloween
    11. something home invasion-y
    12. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    13. The Birds
    14. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    15. no idea
    16. Dracula (Vampire de Jumpsuit?!)
    17. 28 Days Later
    18. The 13th Warrior
    19. The Omen
    20. Wrong Turn
    21. M
    22. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    23. dude, that could be almost anything.
    24. Carrie
    25. Don’t Look Now
    26. The Ring
    30. Mystery of the Wax Museum OR House of Wax
    31. The Cabin in the Woods
    32. Little Shop of Horrors
    33. The Stepford Wives
    34. Paranormal Activity
    35. The Blair Witch Project
    37. Silence of the Lambs
    39. An American Werewolf in London
    41. Gremlins
    43. Freaks
    44. The Phantom of the Opera
    45. Cujo? Just a guess. :p
    46. House on Haunted Hill
    47. Jaws
    48. Videodrome? Probably not.
    49. The Wicker Man
    50. Sharknado