Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What Happens When You Remove a Syllable from a Movie Title?

For anyone who didn't read the monster this post turned into last week, I wanted to share my favorite results with you this week.

Last Thursday, I posted this on my Facebook:

Last night, Jacob was scrolling through his music player and came across "Leggy Blonde" by Flight of the Conchords. All I could think was that it was "Legally Blonde" with a missing syllable. And then I started thinking of other movies that would have very different plus if you phonetically removed a syllable from the title. My list included The Return of the Jed, A Series of Fortunate Events, and Lent Hill. What would you add? You can even make up a silly plot synopsis for your new movie titles if you want.

This yielded over 200 comments from 5 friends chiming in with their ideas, so I thought I'd pass along the ones I liked the most. Feel free to submit your own in the comments -- or come up with possibly plots for any of the ones named here!

Dirt Dancing

Pretty Men

Dog Millionaire

How to Suc at Business Without Really Trying

The Little Maid

Drop Dead Gorge

Lice Academy

Sure, Holmes (a sarcastic retelling of the classic detective tales)

The Odd Cup

The True Show

The Leg Movie

Guardians of the Galley

Soupman (along with Soupman 2-4, Soupman Returns, and Batman v. Soupman)

The Visible Man

Pie of the Carribean

A Christmas Roll

Charlie's Gels

Man v. Superman

Dumb and Dumb

North by West


Man Holiday

To Kill a Mock Bird

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World

The Secret Guard

Lit Women

The Great Tater!


Captain Lips

Shop Around the Corn

For a Few Dolls More

Batman Begs

Monty Python and the Whole Grail

Good Hunting

How to Train Your Drag (Sorta like My Fair Lady but with a cast made entirely of drag queens)

Beet Juice

Twelve Keys

Bill and Ted's Excellent Advent (a Christmas special?)

A Christ Story (Not sure if this would be a Christian movie or a sacrilegious movie)

Psych (hotel manager makes creepy sounds in the bathroom then runs away saying "just kidding!")


The Girl with the dragon, too

Bill & Ted's Bogus Knee

Man in the Eye Mask

Dependence Day: When aliens attack earth, a computer genius and a fighter pilot team up to assist the aliens in their invasion. Events come to a head when the president gives a rousing speech about the joys of bending knee to the new overlords.

Finding Moe: An underwater Three Stooges adventure.

Mr. Holland's Pus

The Shin: Someone straps a GoPro to an anonymous person's leg for 2 hours.
(to which another friend added)
Shin's 11: Someone straps a GoPro to an anonymous person's leg for 11 hours

The Day the Earth Stood: Everyone on Earth forgets how to bend their knees.

Alvin and the Monks: A chipmunk parody of Sister Act, where Alvin is on the run and has to hide out in a monastery, only to start teaching all the monks a sense of mischief.

No Tree for Old Men

Night of the Living: In a world populated by zombies, terror strikes when non-zombies start walking the earth.

Riots of Fire

Around the World in 8 Days

Liver! Alternatively: Olive!
(to which I added)
And when they eat all the liver and olives, it's Over!

A Tale of Two Ties: Bow vs. Bolo - the savagery of the conflict examined.

The Trix: A dark post-apocalyptic story where the Trix Rabbit has taken over the world and no longer allows kids to have Trix.

The Turnator: A robot is created specifically to enforce children taking turns on the most popular parts of the playground.

Animal Crack: a farmer turns to drugs

For my Rinkie friends: A Rink in Time: Sam finds a TARDIS

The Duet: Dustin Hoffman must choose whether to sing a song with his girlfriend or her mother.

The Fast Club: A bunch of students run out of detention and no one can catch them.

Inglourious Turds. I'm not making up a synopsis for that.

The sister of the traveling pants: A pair of capris stays home and jealously reads the post cards her traveling sister sends.

Take all instances of titles with "Man Who" in them and remove "man" to learn about little-known events in the history of a certain English rock band. ("The Who Shot Liberty Valance", "The Who Would Be King", "The Who Wasn't There", "The Who Knew Too Much")

Thought of any more? Submit them here!


  1. Of course, you mean "Soupman IV: The Quest for Peas".

    Alternatively, "Ritz of the Carribean".

    If you're going to do it phonetically, then it should be "A Tale of Two Teas". Perhaps black and green, or chai and rooibos.

    The World is Naughty

    Quantum of Lace

    A Mat of Loaf and Death

    Curse of the Were-Bit



    The Sew Network

    The Four Hun Blows


    Porco Row (a pig who's into rowboats)

    How's Moving Castle? ("Pretty rough; U-Haul's making a fortune offa me")

    Pens of Madagascar

    Soul Air

  2. I think my absolute favorite is "How to Suc at Business Without Really Trying" because it totally reverses the meaning. I also love the synopses for Fast Club, The Day the Earth Stood, Sure Holmes, Psych and Night of the Living.