Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hannah and the Slender Men On Tour

I went to go play Sims yesterday so I could write about it today, but I got distracted and watched a bunch of Futurama instead. I'll try to make it up to you by writing a Sims blog on a non-bloggy day (I'm aiming for Tuesday). Today, you get the following text conversation I had with my friend Mike, who I have been watching Marble Hornets with. We're currently halfway through the second season, which I reference briefly at the end.

(Mike sends me a picture of a giant spider he found outside his workplace.)
Me: Uh. I woke up, read texts, and went back to sleep... That spider immediately entered my dreams, whereas before I'd been having bizarre but pleasant dreams about 3 Slender Men (Slender Mans?) trying to get me to complete their jazz quartet.
Mike: THAT IS THE AWESOMEST DREAM EVER. What instrument did they want you to play?
Me: They wanted me to sing. There would have been 2 singers, a cellist, and, I believe, a trumpeter. Kind of awkward collection of instruments, but OK.
Mike: You were gonna sing a duet with someone who didn't have a face? That's amazing. What song were you two going to sing? Islands in the Stream?
Me: I think it was gonna be a lot of improvising. Like a constant jazzy jam session.
Mike: (Attaches a picture of Slender Man) You don't bring me flowers... You don't sing me love songs... You hardly talk to me anymore when I creep through your door at the end of the day...
Me: Maybe Jay and Alex and Jessica just really hate jazz, so mentally they block out all mentions of their coerced jazz quartet rehearsals.
Mike: There it is. You just solved Marble Hornets. You don't need to watch the rest of the videos.
Me: LOL, I am trying to even *imagine* the fanbase's reaction if that was the answer... It's hilarious.

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