Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some Blog Business

So, confession: I haven't actually written a blog entry in something like 2 1/2 weeks. The last two weeks' worth of blogs were all written in early August and post-dated. I tend to write when I have ideas or inspiration and then post-date so that if I have a quiet Wednesday and don't feel like writing a blog post RIGHT THIS SECOND even though I'm supposed to, I haven't abandoned my audience.

However, it's been a quiet couple of weeks.

There are a few reasons for this.

1) I started a job, worked there for 3 weeks, and then got a better one which I began on Monday, so my schedule's been a bit wonky and I've been losing track of blogging responsibilities. Also, the person whose phone I use to connect to the Internet has changed work schedules and started going to school full time, so I get Internet connectivity less.

2) I've had a bit of writers' block. Nothing's really coming to mind that I want to write about. (If any of you have ideas of things you want to see me talk about or respond to, feel free to throw them out there. I would totally do readers' choice blogs.)

3) I may be going through a bit of depression. I've never been clinically diagnosed and I've never been suicidal, so I'm sometimes hesitant to use the word "depression" - I don't want to be one of those people who just assumes that because they feel a little sad, they must be depressed - but every now and then I hit a patch of inconsolable sadness, anxiety and fear/resentment of the world around me. Sometimes it lasts a couple weeks, which would put me near the end of it now. Sometimes it lasts months. I haven't had a major attack in a couple of years, so I don't know how this one is going to hit me. One of the results, though, is that I frequently lose focus and energy for non-essential activities. Writing is usually at the top of the list. I blog and write and journal less when I'm depressed. (It can be cathartic, so I sometimes try to push myself to write *more*, but that's not always successful.)

So, all that to say... If my blog's a little sporadic for a while, it could be one of those reasons. I will do my best to get back on track and have *something* up for you most schedule days (routines are good! Schedules are good!) but if I don't, it's probably related to one of those three reasons.

To close out this rather boring entry, here's a silly video!


  1. Funny you mention this. I was just thinking about how I haven't blogged since, like, the 5th. There've been things to discuss, but these days I review movies in my Letterboxd diary instead of on my blog. My depression remains in check, though my anxiety has flared up recently...but that was the topic of my last blog post and there's really nothing to add so far.

    I've discussed quite a bit of socio-political stuff (pretty much a requisite if you're going to use "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" as your blog title!) and there have certainly been topics worthy of discussion there, but as you and I have recently noted, there comes a point where it just feels like throwing chatter into the abyss. Does the world really care what I have to say about Todd Akin?

    I started a piece a couple weeks ago about George Bush (the elder) and how the GOP really needs to look to him, rather than to Reagan, as it sorts out its leadership vacuum and identity crisis but that piece just didn't want to come together. It's sitting in my drafts list, hoping I'll bother to finish it.

    Here's a topic for you to discuss: how does an introvert adapt to starting a new job? Seems timely for you, and potentially insightful/interesting reading.

    Also, I hope your blue period passes soon and you get to feeling more chipper!

  2. What about a chronological review of Disney animated movies? I always enjoy your candid commentary. :D