Monday, August 27, 2012

TV I Watched This Summer

With this summer drawing to a close and all my fall programs starting to return in the next month or so, I figured I'd share what I've been watching this summer.

Continued From Last Summer
Alphas - A much more interesting superhero show than Heroes, IMHO. The characters are compelling, the psychological aspect of it is fascinating, and the stories are intelligent.

Franklin and Bash - There's very little substance to this show, but it's more light-hearted and fun than most lawyer shows, which get bogged down in serious drama, and the two main characters are great fun.

The Glee Project - This still has my vote for most interesting talent-based competition of all time.

Wilfred - I was shocked this one came back, to be honest. People besides me liked it? I still think this is Elijah Wood's best role. The show's hilarious and irreverent and awkward and occasionally quite moving.

New This Summer
Bunheads - I started watching for Sutton Foster and kept watching for the snappy dialogue and entertaining characters. This show is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud at least two or three times an episode, which is pretty darn impressive for a comedy/drama.

The Newsroom - Aaron Sorkin cannot write female characters to save his life, but the parts of this show set focusing on the actual newsroom are *unbelievably* captivating - the show has not once let me down in that respect.

Perception - Sort of Monklike, except so much more implausible. (EVERYONE in EVERY case appears to have some sort of psychological disorder.) It's Eric McCormack's wonderful portrayal of the main character and my own fondness for psychology-based plots that keep me wrapped up in this one.

What have you guys been watching this summer? What are you most anticipating the return of this fall?

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  1. I've been watching Grimm, Alphas, and Once Upon a Time -- I'm excited for the second seasons of those :)