Monday, August 6, 2012

Movie Plot Translation Game (Answers)

Thanks to all of you who guessed on the Movie Plot Translation Game post - here at the final answers!

#100: Control of the activities of people in ownership structure and people want to be in love when she was deadly. (1980s foreign drama) - Wings of Desire

#200: Has two children, who live in the dark old House are light sensitive women convinced that plagued the family's House. (2000s horror) - The Others

#300: Lawyer Henry survived the shoot to find he cannot remember what it is. If not enough, contains animations and Henry. No answer to life. (1990s drama) - Regarding Henry

#400: The golden age radio nostalgia is active. Normal families and different media player. (1980s comedy) - Radio Days

#500: In the event of a dispute between the two conductors and other restrictions: a little over-confident and relaxed, no doubt will affect their lives. (1990s drama) - Pushing Tin

#600: A man marries his mistress who took his daughter. (1990s drama, although a remake of a much better 1960s movie) - Lolita

#700: Professional wrestler lost you will find new inhibitors conflict retirement and life stages. (2000s drama) - The Wrestler

#800: When one tries to discover the dark secrets of the dysfunctional chaos in the United Kingdom for recently deceased Patriarch of the family. (2000s comedy) - Death at a Funeral

#900: The Klondike gold rush, Tramp, and more lies. (1920s comedy) - The Gold Rush

#1000: There are two white women, Mohawk and despair in the world, a single mother of two smuggling of Eastern border along the St. Lawrence River. (2000s drama) - Frozen River

#1100: Actor on the edge of fraud and his students of the child and adolescent psychiatry years strange. (2000s... heist movie, I guess.) - Matchstick Men

#1200: Since 1912, Arthur United Kingdom, mechanical. (1940s musical romance) - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

#1300: If you want to change the lives of top chefs, it becomes a guardian for your child. (2000s romantic comedy) - No Reservations

#1400: The directors efforts to find harmony in its GUI kongdini working and personal life, because of his relationship with his wife, including the best. His love, his agent, his inspiration, his mother. (2000s musical) - Nine

#1500: In the defense of the Philippines in the accounts of the torpedo during World War II, the United States the role. (1940s war movie) - They Were Expendable

#1600: Two police officers kidnapped daughter team returned. (1990s buddy cop comedy) - Rush Hour

#1701: Young Florida to Montana with his family, where he fought for the maintenance of the OWL together. (2000s family film) - Hoot


  1. That's Wings of Desire? WTF. LOL.

    Now that I see #1000 is Frozen River, that makes total sense. I just didn't pull that out of my head looking at the clue.

    1. Ha, yeah, Wings of Desire was *bizarre* in how far off it was from the original. That and Lolita were the only ones nobody guessed correctly at all.