Friday, January 18, 2013

Movie Plot Translation Game: Hints

A fair amount of the movies from Wednesday's blog post were guessed, but for the ones that weren't, I figured I'd post slightly easier versions of them, run through the translator fewer times, in the hopes that a couple more might be guessed.

#200 - Stories about his amazing true story of friends and actors and terrible film director. (1990s biopic)

#300 - Professor of English, one year after the sudden death of her friend, unable to cope with their roles in Los Angeles in 1960. (2000s drama)

#500 - Henry · Hill and his friends through the hierarchy of the mafia how to update. (1990s crime movie)

#600 - Director and his work and his life, while he tried to make a copy of the items in the warehouse with the size of New York City, the struggle of women in the context of his new drama. (2000s drama)

#900 - Rent a room of white advertising information (only if it is on the left side instead of his girlfriend), it seems strange that all of the candidates. And so that all levels are displayed correctly. New housing is the Sri Lankan army. (1990s thriller)
(Well, the first part is a bit closer to the movie, but the latter half is far more confusing.)

#1100 - The average age of art's daily and weekly quest throughout the afternoon roaming the room was empty. Has made several attempts to attract, I know it is complicated and difficult, than you can imagine. (1970s comedy/drama based on a play)

#1200 - Both men came into the little in the middle ages, as they are displayed, but disappointed, participation in the California wine country, a week-long trip, because when it comes to a boat trip. (2000s drama... it is NOT set in the middle ages)

#1800 - The little problem during the marriage and see if you want to take on the Church. (2000s romantic comedy)


  1. #200 Ed Wood?

    I think I know what movie #1200 is, if I can just remember the name :-)

    1. #200 is correct now! And I'm pretty sure you saw #1200 when I did.