Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun With Search Keywords!

I haven't looked at the search keywords used to reach my site in awhile... so here goes!

tiny stonehenge
Absolutely the funniest part of This Is Spinal Tap, IMHO.

are introverts emotionally distant?
Ah. Now this is a bit of a pet peeve for me. I once had someone tell me that I was an introvert because I was emotionally distant. I said, "No, I like to be physically distant from people. It's not the same thing." She responded, "Right, but you want to be physically distant because you're emotionally distant." Introverts may appear emotionally distant, but get to know an introvert one-on-one and they're just as likely as anyone else to open up emotionally.

(Incidentally, I told a group of introverted friends about that weird conversation when it happened. One person said I should have responded, "Introverts don't like to be emotionally distant. They're just selective about who they get close to, and obviously YOU WERE NOT CHOSEN." Which is absolutely the correct answer.)

famous people in musical theatre
This could mean two different things - it could mean people who are famous for being in musical theater, such as Bernadette Peters, Norbert Leo Butz, and Sherie Rene Scott. Or it could mean already-famous people who have also done musical theater, such as Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, and Daniel Radcliffe. Either way, there are some options.

marius singing a lullaby
I am still fascinated by all the hits I get asking about Marius' lullaby. I mean, if anyone's going to search for that, it'll bring them here... I'm just surprised that many people are searching for it in that context at all.

misconceptions on introverts
This probably led them to one of my old posts, Introvert Misconceptions. However, if you're looking for other articles on this, I just discovered the excellent post 10 Myths About Introverts.

therapy introvert pouting
This search fascinated me so much I tried searching for it myself, hoping there was a weird theory that introverts who wanted to be extroverts could have pouting therapy. Or is it about introverts who are pouting because they have to be in therapy? Or introverts who need to go therapy because they pout and they don't want to pout anymore so they ask a therapist to help them? I have no idea what this person was looking for, but I don't think my site helped them much.

francis chan introvert
Well, he's definitely not one. Or if he is, he probably thinks he shouldn't be. Either way, he did some (probably unintentional) introvert-shaming in Crazy Love, which made me crazy and not in a love kind of way.

joco sad songs
Oh, there are so many and they are all awesome. I suggest Space Doggity, I Crush Everything, When You Go, Today With Your Wife, Christmas Is Interesting, I Hate California, Make You Cry, Blue Sunny Day and Redshirt.

my top best horror movie 2012
Well, mine was Cabin in the Woods, although I've only seen 18 movies total from 2012 and only two were horror (well, four if you count Tim Burton's movies from the year). Flickchart lists 2012's top horror movies as Cabin the Woods, Prometheus, ParaNorman, Frankenweenie and The Woman in Black.

character traits of peter appleton
If you mean the character from the movie The Majestic, he undergoes a major character change throughout the movie and spends much of it taking on the character traits of the person he thinks he is, so that's hard to pin down.
If you mean the American baseball player, scout, and manager... I dunno. His Wikipedia page makes him sound nice, I guess.

disney songs about death
That's a fun one. Let's see. There aren't all that many that I can think of, although there are plenty of songs about loss. Be Prepared is about planning to kill someone. So is The Mob Song. Are there any that aren't villainous? Surely there must be. But I can't think of any. If anyone else comes up with one, please chime in in the comments.

mouth man superhero
Well, that no doubt led them to this silly post about a hypothetical superhero whose mouth makes things de-age, but I have no idea what they were actually looking for. (If you search "mouth man superhero" sans quotation marks on Google, my blog is one of the only things that come up...)

movie used up all the emotion love
I don't think I've ever seen a movie that used up all my emotion love. I still have plenty of love to go around even after watching movies.

emotional purity between girl and guy
And that led them to my blog about why the Christian emotional purity message has some good intentions behind it but messed me the heck up in high school.

anti love songs 2012
My anti-love mix for 2012 can be found here. My anti-love mix for 2013 will be posted Wednesday, February 13 of this year, just in time for Valentine's Day.

dizzy like a fox the haunting
I didn't even remember what this one could mean, so I found the blog it pointed them to: my micro-review of The Haunting, where one of my comments is: "'Dizzy like a fox'? Are foxes known for being particularly dizzy?" Somebody else must have been equally confused by this idiom.

introvert greet
Fun fact: introverts greet others with "Hello," "Hi," or a handshake, almost like they were normal people!

OK, I suppose there could be introvert-specific greetings, but it's not like introverts don't like people and will be openly sad to see them all the time. Generally, introverts do greet people just the same as everyone else does.

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  1. I was curious whether there really were Disney songs about death, so I did some random searching, nothing very thorough. I couldn't come up with much more than you did.

    "Two Worlds" from Tarzan - The last verse is about the death of the baby gorilla. About as close as I could find.

    "Savages" from Pocahontas - Declares intent to go to war, and also to execute John Smith.

    "Headless Man" from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - Describes the Headless Horseman and his penchant for chopping off heads in order to spook Ichabod.

    "Worthless" from The Brave Little Toaster (I was surprised to find this was a Disney movie) - This is a song junked cars sing AS THEY ARE BEING CRUSHED in a junkyard. Goodness that's a dark movie. No actual lyrics about death though.

    (Does "Les Poissons" from The Little Mermaid count? How about "The Hula Song" from The Lion King, the silly little song Timon and Pumbaa sing while being bait?)

    That was about as far as I got before I got bored. Not a very fruitful search!