Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 5, Bottom 5: 2012

Hey, guys! Turns out I have finally seen enough movies from 2012 to feel justified doing a top 5, bottom 5 for the year! I mean, I've only seen 21 of them, but, hey, at least now I can list 10 movies from the year and still have some that are left out!

Top 5:
1. The Cabin in the Woods (#157). The only movie I've seen from the year so far that really wowed me. One of the most original horror movies I've ever seen. So excellent.
2. Pitch Perfect (#293). Stop looking at me like that. I am perfectly happy to admit it's not a good movie, but it was exactly as much fun as I'd hoped it would be. And I'm such a sucker for people singing and dancing. Even cheesy pop music.
3. The Dictator (#392). Much funnier than I anticipated. I didn't know if Sacha Baron Cohen's shtick would work when it was so heavily scripted, but this was an extremely satisfying watch.
4. The Hunger Games (#394). An excellent adaptation of a fascinating book series.
5. Rise of the Guardians (#402). Easily the best animated flick of the year (and I've seen most of them), this was a very moving story and I am quite sad that it got ignored by the Oscar crew.

Bottom 5:
1. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (#1472). This movie was pretty terrible. It wasted an excellent premise on ridiculous dialogue, painfully awkward scenarios, and melodramatic acting.
2. The Amazing Spider-Man (#1064). Andrew Garfield wins everything, but the story here is just not entertaining at all.
3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (#1010). Probably would have gotten a much higher ranking had it not seriously depressed me after I watched it...
4. Ted (#935). Not nearly as funny as it should have been, although also not as painful as it could have been. So... yeah, right about in the middle of my chart.
5. The Woman in Black (#917). Pretty ridiculous movie, but I loved the ending, and so it keeps winning against equally mediocre movies.

In conclusion, I seriously need to watch some more movies from 2012. I strongly love one and strongly hate one, and everything else is kind of meh in the middle. I'm going to the AMC Best Picture marathon weekends in February, so I'm hoping that will give me some more to love. (Although last year's didn't. I liked exactly 2 of last year's nominees. Sigh.)

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