Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Micro Review: National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)

I'm assuming when they say Wally World, they're not actually going on vacation to Walmart...

I wish I could play Pac-Man on Mapquest!

If my parents were singing "Jimmy Crack Corn," I'd put on headphones, too...
(To clarify: This is not a reflection my parents' singing, but rather on the song "Jimmy Crack Corn.")

Buttoned or unbuttoned? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!


This is like every bad host home story ever.

No good can come of vacationing in a place that can spell neither "camp" nor "comfort."

"Despite all the problems, it really is fun, isn't it?"
"No, but every day brings fresh hope."
Love that.

Car stalker girl is passing illegally...

"A dead person breathed on me!"

I just laughed out loud at tying Aunt Edna to the roof.

Wow. Those are some intense crazy eyes.

That marital spat got settled a lot faster than I would ever have expected in a comedy.

Praying for no vomit-in-the-face jokes. This movie has been above that so far.

I'd be exceptionally nervous about riding rollercoasters when they were doing repairs on some of them...

...It ended up at #551 on FlickChart. Is this a thing now? That that's where my new movies will always land?

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