Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sim Sunday: Back to Work

It's been a couple weeks since I was able to do anything with the Sims, so I don't really remember what my goals are, so today I'm just going to make sure everyone has a job and try to get Odelia attracted to SOMEBODY so she can marry them and start a family, since things don't seem to be going well with Michael.

We pick up at midnight. Odelia's out working and doesn't get home until 2 a.m., at which point I'm going to put her to sleep on the couch. Everybody else is sleeping. Dsean is DEFINITELY NOT DREAMING ABOUT EGGS, according to his thought bubbles. Or maybe he's dreaming about how much he hates eggs. Michael dreams about himself a lot. Barbara and Lysander dream about each other. (Aw.) Kali is dreaming about... baseball.

Odelia comes home and goes to sleep, and I realize that the couch doesn't offer as much good sleep as the beds do, but since Odelia is always at work when everyone goes to sleep, she's always going to be stuck with the couch. So she may just be perpetually tired, unless I make everyone else go sleep on the couch instead. Well, not EVERYONE else. Just one at a time. I *actually* fix this by moving her to a bed when everyone wakes up at 6:15. There. Now she can sleep a bit before she needs to wake up and flirt with people.

Nobody's hungry. Why is nobody hungry? No breakfast for them, I guess...

Dsean needs to work out, which can usually be done with a TV, but he freaks out about something or other when I try to make him work out with the TV, so I decide, ya know what? I'm gonna give these guys a pool. I spent $3000 of their $4000, but now everybody can work out without having to clutter up the house jumping around in track suits.

Oh, hurray, there's a Slacker career in the newspaper today! This means Barbara and Lysander can both get jobs as golf caddies. How cute. They can carpool. Still no job for Kali - she's the only unemployed one so hard. It's OK, though. Medical jobs are hard to come by.

Lysander meets another Sim in my Simworld who is quite enamored of him.

I feel like Lysander's goals of SLEEPING WITH EVERYONE are going to be difficult with Barbara being in love with him and all. And he and Barbara have the same job, so it's not even like he can sleep with other people while she's at work... It is ridiculously hard for my sims to cheat on each other!

Odelia wakes up, and I decide to go send her to flirt with Dsean, hoping for a spark, but, uh, Dsean and Barbara are busy fighting with each other. They're taking turns slapping each other.

Finally Barbara bursts into tears, so I send Odelia in to do some flirting. She and Dsean definitely do not have chemistry, though. Well, that's all the guys in the house. She's mildly attracted to Michael, but not enough. Time to hit on the girls.

Whoa. That was fast. Odelia and Kali have crushes on each other now. Maybe they can even get married by the end of the day, and then adopt a kid or two. Well, no more than two, because I can only control eight Sims. (Laura and Lindsay, these are your Sims - if they do adopt a child, which could happen by next week, what would you like to name it? Laura names it if it's a boy, Lindsay names it if it's a girl. Go.)

I just spent a bunch of money on a chess set, since Michael needs a logic skill point to get the next promotion in his job. Now the Sims only have $610 total. (The cheapest chairs in Sims are $80 apiece. I just spent $160 on chairs to play chess. Also, since there's no room in the house, the chess set is right by the pool. That wouldn't be annoying in real life at all.)

Incidentally, this is Dsean's awesome mascot that he gets to wear for his job.
OK, no wedding today. Odelia and Kali are best friends now (which means love is the next step), but Odelia has to go to work and won't be back until 2 a.m. So the wedding should happen next week, aka Simtomorrow.

Man, everyone in my house is EXHAUSTED. Barbara and Lysander are sleeping and it's only 7:30. But they do have to get up at 3 in the morning, since their golf caddy job starts at 5, so I'm going to let them nap. And Kali can nap too, I guess, since she doesn't have a job and doesn't need a regulated sleep schedule yet.

And, triumph! Dsean has been promoted to Minor Leaguer. No more dumb mascot costumes for him!

Michael brings home a friend from work (who, uh, incidentally, is "Benedict Texan," aka Benedict Cumberbatch from that house I made awhile back of me and my friends who were all going to move to Texas together. This was before I had a real life boyfriend to match up to my Sim self, so I got Benedict) but he is way too tired to socialize, so I'm going to have him to go sleep while Barbara (who has woken up) can go flirt with him a little bit.

And then, before I realize, it's midnight in Sims and this day is over. So next week, we will most likely get Kali and Odelia married to each other so Odelia can start acquiring babies. Also, hopefully Kali will get a job. Oh, and Dsean should make some friends. He hasn't done that in awhile and that's kind of his aspiration.