Friday, July 13, 2012

Search Keyword Answer Time!

Let's see if I can help some of these people who've been searching.

what do you do if your noisetrade account says unpublished
Oh. Now, I can't help with that. I love NoiseTrade and I get their music all the time, but I'm not a musician, so I don't have an account on there to tell you how that works.

jesus car
Ew. You must've found this. Don't do that to your car. It's not cool.

neil patrick harris
He's pretty cool, isn't he? He can sing, he can dance, he can act. If you want to know about upcoming projects, IMDb says he's in... Smurfs 2. Why? Why does someone so smart and talented choose such terrible movie projects?

who has sung the most songs on glee
Now this one has taken some work. But I am nerdy enough to make it happen.

I only counted solo or mostly-solo performances. Duets or group numbers were left out. Otherwise, the answer is clearly New Directions, who have sung 37 songs (or 52, if you count "special" group numbers that were still essentially them - just the guys, just the girls, that one time they sang with Sue, when they battled the Trebletones, etc.).

After that, it's no contest. As I suspected, the winner is Rachel Berry, with an astonishing 26 solo performances over the 3 years Glee has been running. Second is Will Schuester, who earned almost all of those in his first year (he only got 2 solo numbers this past season). Most surprising find was how seldom they had Finn sing on his own. I feel like he sings all the time, but Kurt has more solo performances than he did. Heck, the Warblers got two more songs than Finn did. For someone who was hyped up as the alpha glee club male, he doesn't get the spotlight a whole lot, does he?

spinal tap tiny stonehenge
Best part of the movie.

how to tell if an introvert is lying
Well, it's really no easier to tell if an introvert is lying than it is to tell if an extrovert is lying. We don't have special lying powers or anything, although some introverts may be less demonstrative overall and therefore look pretty much the same when they're lying as they do when telling the truth. So usual lie detector methods work for us too.

flickchart me me
Now I can't tell if this is someone clamoring for Flickchart, or asking about a Flickchart meme. I looked to see if there was a movie called "Me Me" and someone just wanted to add it to their Flickchart, but no such longer. Not sure I can help them.

cgi dinosaurs
Here are some. I can't imagine my blog was terribly helpful with that before.

introvert christian woman
Ah, an interesting dynamic. I occasionally read stuff by feminists upset by how the (largely Christian) stereotype of good, virtuous women means they are quiet, unassuming and meek - interestingly, those are the most positive words used to describe introverts. So an introverted woman who is fighting against that stereotype and arguing that women can have other personalities must have some interesting discussions. It makes me think of how I occasionally feel bad that I'm introverted and was homeschooled, because I feel like I accidentally reinforce stereotypes by not being super social. Anyway. I don't have actually that much else to say about introvert Christian women. I am one.

Oh, to close out, here's a fun story about introversion and Christianity.

When I traveled with the drama company (I'll write some of those adventures up for the blog some day - it was a unique experience, and those of you who haven't heard any of the stories would probably enjoy them) we were always going to churches where people would prophesy over us. While I believe people can hear from God and prophecy is possible, I believe that it happens a whole lot less often than some people think it does. A lot of the time when people prophesy, they're just very good judges of character and can often guess accurately what a person needs to hear or have prayed for.

I developed a nice little method to help disqualify the not-from-God ones quickly: If anyone ever prayed for me and mentioned my "quiet and gentle spirit," I knew I could ignore it. "Quiet and gentle spirit" is Christianspeak for "I know nothing about you but you seem nice." If they used that, I figured it meant God hadn't shown them anything actually about me and they were just going on instinct.

It's also the phrase people use when you're in a Christian group and there's a "go around and say something nice about everybody" activity. That's the one I get from people who don't know me. "Quiet and gentle spirit." It's well-intentioned and I don't mind it or anything. It just makes me smile. Who would have thought there'd be such an easily identifiable compliment catch phrase for Christian introverts?

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