Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Break! Maybe!

I'm writing this on Tuesday night (and posting it on Friday through the magic of the Internet... ooooh). On Wednesday I'm heading off to spend two weeks with my boyfriend in Ohio. I was so convinced I was going to be awesomely productive and have all my blog entries for those two weeks written ahead of time and just have them post on my regular days, but motivation has not been my friend since I thought of this two days ago. I may have time and opportunity to blog a bit next week, but I may not. It'll all depend. But I figured I should at least be courteous enough to let any faithful blog readers know that if I don't write again until I return on the 17th (and since I only post M-W-F, you wouldn't get a blog until the 18th anyway), nobody should panic.

All right. Well, I should finish packing now. Hopefully I'll be done by the time you read this. If not, I'll either be in South Carolina still packing (and therefore have missed my flight by two days) or I'll be in Ohio without anything, and while I support the idea of traveling light and that is very light, I'm pretty sure Jacob and his family would appreciate me changing my clothes at some point during the two weeks I'm there.

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