Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sim Sunday: Goals Accomplished!

OK! Today's goal: Get Kali a job. Get Kali and Odelia married and do some adopting. Help some other people achieve some goals.

For one thing, poor sex-starved Lysander has wanted a double bed since the very first day. So I bought one for him. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of room in the house, so I put it out in the yard. No private woohooing for any of you guys...

And there, an hour later, Lysander and Barbara have their very first... er... romantic encounter. As soon as they're done, Lysander jumps out of bed and goes to do something else. Barbara is completely in love with him though, so it's going to be kind of terrible when she realizes he really just wants to sleep with EVERYONE. (One of his goals right now is to "have two loves at once.") This is going to be really difficult to maneuver. And sleazy.

Dsean makes friends with me! Which helps him achieve a goal. Hurray! However, for wanting to make friends, he's kind of a terrible person. He tried to talk to Odelia, but when she didn't want to listen to his gossip, he shoved her.

Kali has a job! Yay! People are just achieving goals left and right here.

Annnnd... YES! Kali and Odelia are now married. (Kali did the proposing, for all those wondering.)

Now Odelia just has to adopt a child and she can get her family goal on the road. However, there is an obstacle there - they can't adopt a child until they have accumulated more money and can prove they have a financially stable environment. It doesn't say what the requirement is, so I'll just try again every day after people are home from work and see if they've met it yet. It might be awhile before Baby Peregrine (or whatever Laura chooses as her name if she chooses in time) gets here.

Wait, what? Michael was supposed to go to work, but instead he took a shower and just didn't go into work at all. NOT OKAY.

So many of these people clean when they have free time. Kali was supposed to be watching TV, but she disappeared off the couch and I lost her. Turns out she was cleaning the shower.

As everyone but Lysander (and Odelia, because she's off at work) is sleeping that night, I realize that now would be the perfect time for Lysander to be all sleazy and cheat on Barbara. However, when I go to have him call someone over, it turns out he doesn't actually have any friends outside of this house, so whenever he invites them over, they're all like, "Uh, no." So he just talks to them on the phone instead, hoping to build up enough of a relationship with them that he can invite them over sometime soon and THEN sleep with them.
Meanwhile, in the next room, Barbara's thought bubble indicates she's dreaming about Lysander and love.

This is not going to end well.


  1. My poor Babs... I dislike this Lynsader cad! >:(

    1. As you should. I can't see this ending well for Barbara at all. And then she'll be enemies with both Lysander AND Dsean.

  2. I totally have skipped work to do nothing and shower. Yay my Sim is me!

    1. LOL! Well, you need to stop it, because it's costing my Simhouse money, and I need money if my lesbian couple are going to adopt!