Monday, July 2, 2012

Top Facebook Statuses of June

We have fifteen today! Just because. I got a lot of likes on statuses this month. Lookit me, being all popular. Here we go.

Turns out, if I am left alone for several hours, I start singing everything I'm doing. "I'm gonna put this blind dowwwwwn, so I won't see anything creepy through the windowwwwww..." Apparently I am now Marshall Eriksen.

It always throws me off when someone quotes a Bible verse on their Facebook status but doesn't put quotation marks around it. Several of my friends are suddenly telling me that they are my Lord and my God, and it just isn't true.

This is what it looks like when introverts and extroverts fight:
Dave: There sure are a lot of books about introverts.
Randy: Well, what else are they going to do? Go outside?
Ticia: That's because the extroverts don't know how to read.
Ticia: *zing*
Ticia: Just kidding. They just never sit still long enough to write a book.

Facebook video chat is a lovely, lovely thing. It let me actually see and hear Jacob today when I chatted with him. If I've gotta be in a long distance relationship, I'd rather it be during a time in history when technology is good enough to let me do that :-)

Josh and Sarah were having a discussion about the plural of TARDIS. I googled it and found out that it's a debated issue, which makes zero sense to me. How could it be anything other than TARDISes? It's an acronym. It's not like it can be TARDI. That would make it "Time and Relative Dimension in..."

So I tried to wash my hair with body wash instead of shampoo. I realized my mistake, rinsed it out, and rewashed my hair with actual shampoo, but since my body wash and shampoo don't match, my hair now has TWO DIFFERENT SMELLS, OH MY. However, this will certainly throw off any vengeful dogs who are tracking my scent to kill me. Win.

"I can't wait to see you! Well... I can but I don't want to." I love that my boyfriend is just as literal as I am.

"O Princess! Thou art a piteous stranger, and I shall open up thy veins and stick a coconut in 'em while I wait." An example of the stellar poetry quoted at me in a dream last night. This is the only bit I can remember.

I very nearly got into a car accident today. (Thank you, Jesus, for keeping me alive.) However, the terror I felt then was not THAT much more than my terror a few minutes ago when I accidentally ranked Mr. Deeds above Saving Private Ryan on Flickchart.

Some days just need to end with eating a bunch of ice cream and watching a bunch of Community. And then sleeping a bunch.

I asked ChaCha who invented salsa. They said: "Salsa is not easily defined. Who invented salsa? The Cubans, Puerto Ricans?" They gave me salsa philosophy...

I haven't written a status in something like 4 days. Some of you might make the very logical assumption that this means I am dead, but, actually, I'm not. Some life updates: a bird killed itself by flying into my windshield the other day. And I had a dream that Sarah made a clanking sound whenever she moved, so I opened her up and discovered she was full of screws, which seemed to be an acceptable explanation. That's about it.

Today is Jacob's birthday. It is also Felicia Day's birthday. I am more than a little jealous that his birthday celebrities are so much cooler than mine.

Lisa and I are sitting here, each with a half a watermelon, eating them with a spoon. When only two people in the house like watermelon, you can eat it however you want.

Lisa and I have discovered the ultimate disappointment: seeing a bag that looks like it contains Dove chocolate, only to find out it actually contains razors. Those are terrible substitutes for each other.


  1. "Some days just need to end with eating a bunch of ice cream and watching a bunch of Community. And then sleeping a bunch." = formula for instant stress relief. Even if the episode is a little off (every now and again there is just a complete dud), there is always at least one extremely quotable moment that makes you laugh unexpectedly.

    1. Honestly, I think the only episode of Community that's actually bad is the one when Todd joins the study group. That one focused on a very mean-spirited kind of camaraderie which usually doesn't happen in the show (one of the reasons I like it). They became the villains. However, every other episode is pretty great.

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