Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sim Sunday: Love Is In the Air

Today's goal: Have at least some of them get jobs. For real. If there's still nothing in the paper, I'll buy them a computer so they can do some more job searching, because this lounging around doing nothing all day thing is not good for them.

Everyone but Kali and Odelia wakes up at 6 a.m. Kali went to bed late and Odelia's sleeping on the couch, which isn't as efficient, so this makes sense. They wake up just a couple hours later.

Barbara makes everybody cereal for breakfast, but Odelia's fun level is really low, so she jumps on the couch while everybody else eats.

Job success! Michael is now a test subject, making $217 a day. For six hours of work. That's $36 an hour. That's pretty typical for a sim's entry-level job. Then Dsean got a job as a team mascot. He's not quite as well off as Michael - he only makes $25 an hour. And, finally, Odelia got a job as a security guard, making... holy crap, $56 an hour. I want to be a security guard.

Whenever Lysander gets a free minute, he cleans. He must have a huge amount of neatness points. Here he is passing the time by scrubbing the toilet.

Kali wanted an easel and she hadn't gotten ANY of her goals met today, so I went along with it and bought her an easel. Lysander and Barbara immediately ran over and stared at her as she painted. It's not easy to create under those conditions!

Oh, my. Barbara is flirting hardcore with Lysander. Out of nowhere, she grabs him and kisses him up his arm. And she's not even the one who needs to get married so she can have a baby! (That'd be Odelia. I'm pretty sure she's going to marry Michael, since she has at least a bit of chemistry with him. When he gets home from work today they can flirt for a couple hours until she goes to work.)

Michael comes home from work and after a single day, he's been promoted from test subject to lab assistant, making $53 an hour. He is JUST THAT GOOD. He now works in the evenings, which is great, because that gives him more time to flirt with Odelia.

Oh, crap, I moved too fast there. Odelia tried to flirt with Michael and he rejected her. We may have to take things a little more slowly here. So they just talk and chat until she leaves for work. This is moving very slowly. Barbara and Lysander, on the other hand, have cleared developed crushes on each other. That is not the romance I'm rooting for! However, since it happened, we'll go along with it. Lysander asks Barbara out on a date and she eagerly accepts. I decide to take them downtown to the community lot so that I don't have to deal with their other housemates at the same time.

They go to a diner and spend their time telling each other dirty jokes about, uh, apparently money and the Statue of Liberty? They also make out at their table.

Eventually they're done and head home, but now because they heart each other, they can share the bathroom instead of yelling at each other to get out. Unfortunately, they just got into a fight because Barbara flushed the toilet while Lysander was in the shower and it scalded him, so he ran outside and yelled at her. 

Then everybody kind of winds down and goes to bed. Looks like we've got a budding romance happening here, although there's definitely not going to be a happy ending to this story - Lysander's greatest fear is marrying Barbara, so I'm afraid the poor girl is destined to have her heart broken.


  1. "Michael comes home from work and after a single day, he's been promoted from test subject to lab assistant, making $53 an hour. "

    Hmm, I smell a cover up an attempt at keeping the poor test suject quiet and not sueing them after an experimet gone horribly wrong.

    1. Ooh. That makes a whole lot of sense...