Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Apps I Highly Recommend

Let's do something silly. I'm going to scroll through my phone and tell you which of my apps I highly recommend. None of the big obvious ones, I'm not going to tell you "Oh YoU sHoUlD cHeCk OuT iNsTaGrAm." These are smaller ones you might not actually have heard of.

  • AIDungeon. An absolutely amazing app where an AI writes text adventure games in real time in response to your prompts. It does some fascinating things, and I spend way too much time playing with it.
  • Chwazi. For choosing who goes first in a board game. Everyone puts one finger on the screen, and the app puts a colored circle under one of those fingers, and that's your first player. Simple!
  • Down Dog. Easily the best yoga app I've found. So much customization, very clear video and instructions, and it shakes it up so you're not just doing the same routine every time. It's much closer to what it's like taking a real yoga class, and I love it. 
  • Food of Fortune. Can't decide what you want to eat? Go through its 20 food categories, take out the ones you don't want, and then spin the wheel to choose one. And then it'll tell you applicable restaurants nearby.
  • Kingdoms. So the one game I'm weirdly obsessed with is this one, under its full title, Disney Magic Kingdoms. I've been playing it every day for over a year. It's super dumb but kind of addictive... You collect Disney characters and send them out on quests to collect other Disney characters. And that's basically it. I have no idea why it's so addictive. I just like collecting things.
  • Long Game. I've got a few apps involving savings, but Long Game is probably the most similar to other auto-savings apps out there. It withdraws a set amount of money from your bank account on a regular schedule, and the more money you have sitting in your account, the more "coins" you accrue, where you can play lotto slots-style games to earn more money. The money itself stays untouched no matter what, so you can "gamble" your coins and not lose anything. 
  • Old Time Radio. This is exactly what it says -- a bunch of old time radio shows you can listen to. I listen to these as I go to sleep.
  • Podcast Addict. Easily the best podcast app I've found. It is beautifully customizable -- I have it set up for just a constantly updating playlist of my favorite podcasts, with my favorite ones floating to the top every time so I can stay caught up. It's phenomenal.
  • Qoins. Another autosave app, except instead of keeping it around in an account, you can connect this one directly to a loan account, and the app will send the collected money to that loan once a month. It keeps track of how much you've paid off in total with the app and the average amount of interest you've saved doing that.
  • Stash. The third money one I'm going to recommend. This one allows you to make micro investments with your money and track how all your individual stocks are doing. It's also really good about providing financial literacy information about the stock market, and I feel like I've learned so much from it.
  • Walk to Mordor. A sillier one to end on. This one allows you to put in how far you've walked that day, and it tells you how far you've walked on the journey from the Shire to Mordor. I haven't gotten very far because I keep forgetting to update it... but it's fun.

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